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corma offers you in-house training and online video courses on internet investigations and OSINT research.
Professional investigation on the web
Live training at your location
Flexible online video courses
Practical exercises with case examples
Expert seminars on your own schedule
What is the Digital Investigations Academy?
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The online Digital Investigations Academy is a unique new concept offering professional education and training for conducting online investigations.

The training is a flexible online video course, combined with personal coaching. After our onboarding call, you have access to the learning videos and extensive accompanying material.

Then we accompany you through the training, with regular 1:1 live calls and online meetings.

Our academy covers all the important subjects you need for online investigations and OSINT analysis.

Starting from our basic course “Internet Investigations,” the courses cover investigations into people, social networks, the dark web, as well as corporate investigations and privacy training.

Our offer is aimed at interested individuals, as well as teams at businesses and government agencies.

Who can we help?
Professional information gathering for criminologists,
journalists, and investigators
  • Investigators at police, customs, and other law-enforcement agencies

  • Prosecutors

  • Investigative journalists and reporters

  • Private investigators and detectives
  • Investigators and OSINT analysts working in corporate security

  • Senior investigators

  • Brand protection managers

  • Threat investigators

  • Penetration testers

  • IT security staff

  • And anyone interested in professional investigations on the internet and OSINT research

20 years of experience

Global operations

1,000+ participants

Multiple certifications

Why a Course at Corma?

The Trainer

Jörn Weber

Jörn Weber is an investigator, a trainer, and is managing director of corma GmbH. Before joining the company, he worked as a police officer in the German state of North-Rhine-Westphalia for almost 20 years, and ended his service as chief inspector.

Now he and his team support security departments and brand protection managers for national and international customers.

Highly professional internet research and the daily use of OSINT tools ensure that investigations are carried out successfully—and this is the practical relevance of the training.

Your Benefits
Would you like to benefit from our experience in online information gathering and take your knowledge to a new level? With specific workflows and practical exercises, our OSINT training courses provide you with the know-how that you need.
What’s in the Course
The Digital Investigations Academy is a package of at least eight courses with live sessions.

In all the courses we start with a personal onboarding meeting, and then we have regular 1:1 live calls through Zoom.

In this way, we answer any questions while the training is ongoing, and ensure a high level of practical relevance. Of course, we’re also available to offer support by email.

Starting in August, we also offer a private online community for participants.

Internet Investigations & OSINT Foundation Training


This course is designed to provide you with the basic principles of open-source intelligence gathering and to prepare you to conduct OSINT research and online investigations.

You’ll learn how to set up a secure OSINT environment, work with virtual machines, use the research browser, create sock puppets (hidden research profiles), and learn everything you need to know about search engines. We’ll also show you methods for efficient internet research and for securing online evidence.

In this course you’ll acquire the skills and knowledge needed for internet investigations and OSINT research.

People Search - Person of Interest Investigations

In this course, I’ll provide you with the skills and tools you need to conduct professional research into people’s backgrounds and identities.

We cover strategies for finding information about corporate holdings and conducting photo research on target individuals. You’ll acquire the knowledge to carry out investigations on the dark web, along with researching relevant information in data leaks.

We’ll address how to conduct SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence), investigate on social media, find clues in online forums, and much more.

You’ll get familiar with our proven search techniques, important checklists, and other resources to help you with researching people.

This course will enable you to conduct person-of-interest investigations at a professional level.

Social Network OSINT Investigations

This course will make the tools and techniques available to you that you’ll need for conducting professional investigations into social media profiles. We’ll address how you can get information from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,, and Telegram. This includes identifying people and evaluating hidden friend lists.

Another main topic is documenting evidence of the data you find in these communities.

This course will enable you to carry out professional investigations on social media comprehensively, accurately, and quickly.

Soziale Netzwerke

WebIntelligence - Investigate Websites, Domains & IP Addresses


This course provides an in-depth look at how to examine websites and domains (called WebInt orfootprinting).

We’ll show you how you can get a lot of information about a target person or a target company through that entity’s website.

In particular, personal data such as telephone numbers, addresses, or e-mail. But the content of a website can also provide relevant information. It’s about using WHOIS or web intelligence tools to query historical and current WHOIS data, IP addresses, and related websites, important information about DNS names, and toolkits to gather the information, and other important topics.

We also show you the best solutions for a website and content investigation.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to conduct comprehensive, accurate, and fast investigations of domains, IP addresses, and website content.

Corporate Investigations - Investigative Due Diligence

This workshop will teach you how to carry out professional checks and background research on German and international companies. We’ll give you the tools you need so that your clients can make informed decisions based on your results.

The following is a list of some of the subjects that we’ll treat in the workshop:

What is a company? Different forms of business organization in Germany and other countries.

Who belongs to a company? Identify people involved in the company, check investments by the target company in other companies (national and international).

What does the company own?

Where does the company do business?

Media Research

Media research in national and international sources (incl. adverse media check).

Query Sanctions Lists

Checking whether the company or a person involved with it is on lists relevant to the integrity check (sanctions lists, watch lists, PEP lists, etc.).


Dark & Deep Web Investigations

Ermittlungen im Darkweb

The course introduces the Tor network and the concept of the dark web.

It will improve your ability to find information on these networks and show you how to protect your privacy when using these networks.

A selection of the topics:

  • What is the dark web, and what is the Tor network?

  • How do you secure your investigations? Using virtual machines & VPNs

  • The Tor browser

  • Creating identities for the dark web

  • Tor network details
  • “Hidden sites,” marketplaces, and forums

  • Directories: search engines

  • Looking for sources on the dark web

  • Preservation of evidence on the dark web

  • Professional database providers

Privacy & Awareness Training

This course is designed to provide you with knowledge about your personal digital security strategies, in addition to the basic knowledge you have acquired in the previous courses.

You’ll learn how to find a level of protection that works for you, use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, secure your phone and social networks, protect your private network, and prepare for worst-case mitigation scenarios.

Do you have any other questions about the course’s content?

Contact us now and we’ll be happy to help you.

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The Company

We offer our clients competent support, for example in cases of fraud, product piracy, and cybercrime. Our team offers companies valuable assistance at expert level and develops effective solutions to problems—even with complicated issues.


Our investigators have extensive experience in the field of corporate security, thanks to many years working with demanding customers—such as multinational corporations, and their corporate security or compliance departments.

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Jörn Weber

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